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My name is Designasaur. Born storyteller, proud Northerner and stop motion animator. I started drawing from the minute that I learned to hold a pencil and never quite found the desire to put it down. Cartoons have been the way to my heart from a very early age and growing up on a strict diet of Wallace and Gromit, The Simpsons, Toy Story and The Jungle Book lead to a life-long love of all things animated and inspired the work that I create today.

With a series of commissions, screenings and an award under my belt, my aim now is to continue to make films that would appeal to my five year old self.

Screened at:
Manchester Animation Festival 2016
Real to Reel, London Craft Week 2016
The British International Amateur Film Competition 2016
Leeds Young Film Festival 2015
Homemade Film Festival, Bristol 2015


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